Illustrations: Root Canal Treatment from Start to Finish


1. A Deep Infection

Root canal treatment is needed when an injury or a large cavity damages the tissues inside the tooth's root. The tooth and immediate structures surrounding it can become infected or inflamed.


2. A Route to the Root

The dentist may numb the tooth. An opening is made through the crown of the tooth to the pulp chamber at the tooth core.


3. Removing the Infected/Inflamed Tissue

Special instruments are used to remove the diseased pulp tissues . Then the root canals are shaped and prepared for filling.


4. Filling the Canals

The root canals are filled with a permanent material. This helps to keep the root canals sealed and free of infection.


5. Rebuilding the Tooth

A temporary filling material may be placed on top of the root filling to seal the opening. This will be replaced by the permanent filling or a crown. A crown, sometimes called a cap, looks like a natural tooth. It is placed over the top of the tooth.


6.  Extra Support

In some cases, a post is placed into the root next to the gutta-percha. This gives the crown more support.



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